Secured Boardroom Internet Services

iBerry Secured Boardroom Internet Services

IT administrators in every office have to deal with providing Internet access to visitors in the board/conference room, without compromising on Enterprise data security.

Key concerns arise due to:

  • A virus infected laptop of a visitor.
  • No data isolation between office and guest network leading to possibility of data theft.
  • No trace of usage made by guests.

Managing temporary guest access is cumbersome and needs an IT personnel to configure Internet on a guest PC.

iBerry Wireless Broadband addresses this concern by providing an overlay Internet access solution for boardrooms through Secured Boardroom Internet.

The features are as follows:

  • Internet available on both Wired and Wi-Fi interfaces.
  • Self registration and password delivery on the guest  mobile.
  • Auto expiry of guest account.


  • Provides easy Internet access to visitors, without management overheads.
  • Information of guest Internet usage available with the IT admin.
  • Isolated from office LAN.