iBerry Introduction

iBerry Broadband Introduction

Information Technology teams have a constant challenge of keeping their office IT systems in sync with the latest technology developments.

iBerry Secured Wireless Broadband recognizes the importance of Internet technologies and their applications in businesses. The Company has introduced a portfolio of services to make your office a hi-tech workplace with improved productivity while reducing costs.

iBerry Secured Wireless Broadband offers the following products and services to business.

  • Direct to Office Leased Line: For near 100% Internet up time with link load balancing and fail over routing.
  • Differential Access: For customized bandwidth per user group.
  • Secured Office Wi-Fi: Allows employees to work from anywhere in the office using devices such as tablets, notebooks, smartphones.
  • Secured Boardroom Internet: For easy and secure guest Internet access.
  • Video Conferencing Traffic Offload: For simplifying and optimizing your MPLS VPN bandwidth.