Secure Office WiFi

iBerry Secure Office WiFi Services

Wi – Fi allows mobile Internet devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., to access office network from anywhere in the premises. It also enables addition of new users to the office network at zero incremental cost.

Even with the compelling benefits as stated above, the implementation of WiFi is not an easy business decision. The authorities are concerned about security on wireless and all over coverage within the office. Further, multiple WiFi devices interfere with each other and degrade the overall network performance making it difficult for the IT administrator to manage.

iBerry Wireless Broadband addresses these concerns with its secured office WiFi solution.

Powered by 4G technologies like OFDM, MIMO and Smart Antenna technology, the solution comes with unique features that are not available with standard Wi-Fi solutions.


  • Twice the coverage of standard WiFi access points.
  • Immunity from interference with Smart Antennas.
  • Secured WiFi access using WPA2 Enterprise.
  • In-built Quality of Service for voice, video and data traffic.