Direct To Office Internet Leased Line

Enterprises today have Internet delivered to their offices over cable or fibre line. With infrastructure work on the rise and a myriad of utilities causing digging of roads, cable cuts are unavoidable. This leads to significant Internet down-time affecting business.

To address this concern, iBerry Wireless BroadBand introduces Direct to Office (DTO) Internet Service over a Wireless Last Mile. The wireless delivery medium is free from outages due to cable cuts.

DTO can be deployed in combination with your existing wire line service. It offers a high availability Internet solution to the enterprise through:

  • Load Balancing: Traffic can be split across both Internet links in a load-sharing mode.
  • Fail over Routing: Traffic can be diverted to the iBerry Wireless Internet link if the wired Internet link fails and vice versa.


  • Near 100% up time using Link Fail over.
  • No fork-lifting of existing office setup.
  • Media diversity over wireless last mile.
  • Service provider redundancy as you get connected through two separate networks.
  • Effective bandwidth utilization using load balancing.