iberry Service Usage

iBerry BroadBand Service Usage

1. When can I start using my internet service?

We recommend that you use the service after our installation engineer visits your home/office to complete the installation procedure & demonstrates how to use the service.

2. What are the devices I can use to access iBerry Secured Wireless Broadband service?

You can access iBerry Secured Wireless Broadband service from a PC or a Laptop or a Smart Devices.

3. How do I access my iBerry Secured Wireless Broadband service?

  • For Windows Users
    Launch Dialer > Select Profile > (Ethernet, All Home) > Enter Username & Password > Launch Browser
  • For MAC Users
    Launch Browser > Enter Username & Password.

4. I have an Home/Office solution, how many PC/Laptops/Smart Devices can be used in this solution?

The Maximum PCs/Laptops/Smart Devices which can be connected under a specific plan is available in tariff plan tables.

5. Will my bill be very high if I am connected for all the time?

No. You will be charged only for the upload/download of data transfer and not based on the time for which you are connected to the internet. However we recommend you to log out when you do not want to use internet as activities such as streaming, flash, auto updates, virus on your PC etc can result in unintended data transfers from your PC.

6. What are the things I can do from my Online Self Care portal?

Online Self Care portal provides facilities, such as:

  • Subscriber Profile
    • Personal Information Provides the user subscription details such as Username, address etc.
    • Service Information – Enables you to view plan details along with any VAS subscribed.
    • Change Password – Gives an option to change password.
  • My Tools
    • Session History Check your internet session history on day to day basis.
    • MAC Addresses Gives the MAC ID�s registered against the User account.
  • Ask for Help
    • Email This section helps to write your feedback/concern to iBerry Customer Care.
    • Product information –Download dialer, latest product news, important FAQs and T&Cs.
  • Service Request
    • View request –Track the status of request/complaints registered with iBerry Customer Care.

7. Can I shift my connection from one location to another location within or across the city?

If the new location where you would like to shift has adequate signal strength, then you can shift the connection. We will need your new billing address proof.

8. Can I change my tariff plan?

You are allowed to change your tariff plan to any other tariff plan of your choice as per the plan migration rules set by the company. For changing the plan please contact iBerry Customer Care write an email to

9. How can I change my billing address?

  • If you have moved to a new home and want to update address with us, contact iBerry Care @ 8437303040.
  • You would be required to submit a photocopy of your new address along with the Proof of Address.
  • Documents considered as proof of address: driving license, passport, ration card, voter ID card, lease agreement, form 16/ assessment income tax order, utility bills (recent two months) like electricity, telephone, water, and gas bills.